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Caithlynn: A 25 years old girl. Blessed with the Element of Air. She has magic and connects with a Dragon. Raven black hair, bright blue eyes. She is a master with bow and arrow and her twin daggers.
Alan: A 22 years old boy. Blessed with the Element of Fire. He has magic and connects with a Dragon. Long brown hair, brown eyes. He has a normal sword and a tanto (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tant%C5%8D).
Taigiri: Caithlynn's Dragon.
Naigendra: Alan's Dragon.
Sarah: Caithlynn's mother.
Simon: Caithlynn's father and the previous Wielder of the Element Air.
Frey: An 8 year old boy. Blessed with the Element of Water. He has magic and connects with a Dragon. Short blond hair, ice blue eyes.
Kayerith: Frey's Dragon.
Tessa: A 30 year old girl. Blessed with the Element of Earth. She has magic and connects with a Dragon. Flaming red hair, green eyes.
Echidna: Tessa's Dragon.


The Shadows are coming closer. Are threatening to swallow everything and destroy the world. There are only a few who can fight it. Who might be able to defeat it. It are the ones who practice magic. And it are the Dragons. But magic has long been forbidden and the Dragons have gone into hiding. Both of them, dragons and magicians, nearly extinct. Can they find each other and go on the journey to fight the Shadows?

Drabble Index


Fear (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/209752.html) : Simon saving Sarah’s life and finding out he has Magic.

Discovery (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/774695.html) : Simon finding out he is a Wielder.

Discovery (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/766352.html) : Sarah having found out Simon is a Wielder

Treasury (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/614251.html) : A treasury of memories

Protection (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/320399.html) : The village discovering Simon has Magic.

Stay (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/845096.html) : Sarah doesn’t want him to leave

Companions (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/332257.html) : Sarah’s life in snapshots.

Swinging back and forth (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/383535.html) : Sarah and the swingset

Caithlynn’s youth

In the middle of the night (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/497493.html) : Sarah waking up to a storm and comforting baby Caithlynn

Good girl (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/767063.html) : Caithlynn has earned herself a treat.

To the sea (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/298296.html) : Little Caithlynn loves the great ocean.

The Forest (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/298158.html) : Caithlynn always feels safe in the forest

Circle never ends (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/165616.html) : Sarah tells her daughter about her father and the Wielders of the Elements.

Untitled (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/396533.html) : Going from Caithlynn’s youth all to the end of the war

The Wielders’ Time

Wild Spirit (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/164617.html) : Caithlynn discovers her Element.

Faith (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/202804.html) : Alan finding out the Wielder of Air has discovered her Element.

Reflection (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/177566.html) : Caithlynn trying to figure out what she’s going to do now she knows she is a Wielder

Embarrassment (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/204749.html) : Alan doesn’t want help after a battle injury.

Embarrassment (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/213055.html) : rewritten : the battle included.

Not enough time (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/259471.html) : There are Element Wielders working for the Shadows. (Fault! Alan is Wielder of Water in this drabble. I’ll rewrite it soon)

A new Wielder (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/288158.html) : Alan and Caithlynn find Frey.

Ice Cold (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/373516.html) : Alan acting cold and uncaring

Finding his Dragon (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/301528.html) : Frey finds Kayerith

Frustration (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/470860.html) : Caithlynn feeling helpless.

Untitled (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/688432.html) : Caithlynn wondering why she and Alan can’t stand one other.

Hiding (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/776929.html) : Alan wondering why he and Caithlynn can’t stand one other

Uncertainty (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/470662.html) : Alan wondering why he acts like someone he isn’t.

Visiting home (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/301600.html) : They are near Caithlynn’s village and she wants to visit her mother.

Smoke (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/319642.html) : Alan training his Element.

Tree House (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/322226.html) : A childhood memory.

Interruption (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/325208.html) : The Black Beasts attack them when they are walking through the forest.

Remembering (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/611454.html) : Sarah laughing reminds Frey of his own mother

Comfort (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/613406.html) : Kayerith and Frey playing in the forest

Beautiful place (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/775883.html) : The night before they leave Sarah’s village

Candle (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/326421.html) : They leave Sarah’s village to journey on.

Training (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/365577.html) : Frey learning how to use his Element

Reflex (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/501766.html) : First time Frey really uses his power

Blankie (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/758345.html) : Frey being tired after having used his power.

Flying (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/320102.html) : They fly after another battle.

Courage (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/365495.html) : Flying rewritten : the batte included

Superficial (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/323416.html) : Frey needs the truth more than false comfort.

Be who you are (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/438508.html) : Frey doubting himself and Kayerith offering comfort

Feeling (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/365147.html) : Caithlynn gets distracted in the middle of a fight

Time (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/345222.html) : Alan says he has a little sister.

Fallen Leaves (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/353015.html) : Caithlynn offering comfort to Alan when he misses his family

Dreams of a Forest (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/287895.html) : There is not much time anymore. The Shadows are close, too close and are destroying everything on their way.

Fear (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/930424.html) : Alan and Caithlynn thinking about death and the fate of the world resting on their shoulders

Unexpected Help (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/364902.html) They find the last Wielder.

Do you remember (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1288592.html) : Caithlynn wonders if the other's still thing of how it once was

The Shadows fall (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/212011.html) : At the eve of one of the last battles.

The last evening (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1289198.html) : Tomorrow the battle will begin. But perhaps it is not too late

After the end (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/932518.html) : The war is over and the Wielders have gone home

Reflection (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/843313.html) : Caithlynn reflecting when she’s old and the war is long passed

Untitled (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/396533.html) : Going from Caithlynn’s youth all to the end of the war

Along the way (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/471548.html) : Traveling along the road : going from finding her Dragon to the end of the war

Lovers AU

Dreams (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/199769.html) : Sometimes Caithlynn just wants to turn back time.

Nightmare (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/258762.html) : After all these years, still the same nightmare.

No Wielders AU

Favourite toy (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/613947.html) : Simon gets his daughter a bow.

The language of flowers (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/303253.html) : Alan telling his childhood friend Caithlynn he loves her by giving her different flowers each day.

A lifetime (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/321868.html) : Caithlynn’s life in 1 sentences from age 8 ‘till she marries.

Younger Wielders AU

Meeting (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/212907.html) : Caithlynn and Alan meet the previous Wielder of Air

Apocaliptic AU

Tarot cards (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/841497.html) : Alan’s mother read a possible future

Falling apart (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/259126.html) : Caithlynn realizing all is lost

Losses (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/930150.html) : This isn’t how it is supposed to be…

Go on alone (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1032844.html) : Alan dying in Caithlynn’s arms

After the end (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/898008.html) : The world is burning…

Diary (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/844593.html) : Caithlynn keeping a diary during the war

Lost (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/844432.html) : Caithlynn is the only one left.

Hope (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1034175.html) : Caithlynn finding hope again.

A lonely road (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1007203.html) : Caithlynn walking the lonely road of being the sole survivor
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