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Nelly: Red haired girl with crystal blue eyes.
Rafael: Green eyed boy with long black hair.
Alex: Rafael's younger brother
Timmy: Nelly's older brother
The King: As the name says... :p He's a tyran.
Greta: The mother of Rafael and Alex


Nelly and Rafael have always been together. Eventually they lead the uprise against The King.
But what now? What now she has lost her memory, her memories, and he is no longer here... Rafael has been erased, throughout all of time. But there are flashes, memories, surviving, slowly coming back to her...
Can they find each other again? Can they finally lead the Revolution so they are freed from The King?

Drabble Index


I do know you (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/205388.html) : Nelly doesn’t know what to buy for Rafael’s birthday

Lost (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/301213.html) : Nelly gets lost in the forest.

Losing a tooth (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/614611.html) : Rafael losing his patience when his little brother continues whining

Wake-Up (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/753264.html) : Timmy waking up Nelly real early on Christmas

Spoiled (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/368315.html) : Alex doesn’t want to eat his food.

Never good enough (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/371425.html) : Alex always gets spoiled by his mother and Rafael is tired of it

Playground (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/753656.html) : Nelly chasing Timmy across the playground

Surprise (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/610965.html) : Timmy plans a surprise for Nelly and makes Rafael his partner in crime

Playfight (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/766048.html) : Nelly stopping a play-fight between Rafael and Timmy before it gets to a serious fight

The King’s reign – The uprise

Innocent (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/467735.html) : The King randomly accuses and kills innocent people

Playground (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/468185.html) : A memory of happier times

Untitled (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/279367.html) : An argument between Rafael and Alex.

Persuasion (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/471083.html) : Timmy trying to convince his sister to join the Uprise

Leadership (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/930723.html) : Rafael asking Nelly if she wants to lead the Rebellion

Acceptance (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/931061.html) : Nelly accepting leadership (follows up on Leadership)

And so it begins (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/280155.html) : Nelly agrees to lead the uprise

An idea (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/783355.html) : Nelly comes up with a plan

Life is not fair (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/931260.html) : Before Rafael is erased, while they are planning the Revolution.

Pensive (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/289424.html) : The eve before the uprise

Fighting (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/288675.html) : The uprise and the betrayal

Captured (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/839716.html) : Nelly in prison

Defiance (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/289691.html) : Nelly staying stubbornly silent after she is captured and led before The King

Fear (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/854285.html) : Nelly alone with her thoughts in a cell

Pain (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/855162.html) : Alex is lead before Timmy and Rafael and Nelly, by the King, after his betrayal.

Searching memories

Are you okay? (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/854726.html) : Alex watching over Nelly

Losing you all over again (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/277796.html) : Nelly dreams of Rafael the night right after he has been erased.

Gone Crazy (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/368021.html) : The King's way of ruling, makes people go crazy

The first dream (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/319982.html) : It’s only after a year that she remembers him again.

Going backwards (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/180587.html) : A flash of memory

Dreaming (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/203894.html) : Nelly doesn’t want to go to sleep, knowing she’ll forget him again

Their Song (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/204497.html) : The song bringing back a memory she can’t place

A part that stays – even if she forgets again (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/289825.html) : Every time she remembers him, a part of him lingers on

The edge of a memory (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/610635.html) : There is a memory waiting to be remembered

What’s in a name (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/297832.html) : The ring stays, no matter how many times she forgets him again.

A lingering dream (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/776392.html) : Another dream. Another one she does not remember. There is just that lingering feeling…

Revenge (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/845411.html) : Alex swore revenge

Silent goodbye (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/852521.html) : Alex saying goodbye to his mother without words

Broken mirror (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/852377.html) : Alex becoming a guard of the King

Broken Mirror (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/852830.html) : A broken mirror

Coming back (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/371805.html) : Nelly finally remembers Rafael and he comes back (an eventual ending)

The day (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/854030.html) : Alex going to bring his plan into action - Companion Piece to Coming Back

Dreams (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/865854.html) : Alex dreaming - Written for SWL’s Story Introduction Meme

The Revolution – Happy End

Smiling (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/853166.html) : Now Rafael is back again, he can finally smile again.

But in dreams (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/765679.html) : Nelly apologizing to Rafael that she couldn’t remember

Unremembered (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/775356.html) : Rafael can't remember...

Drawing (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/853254.html) : Rafael drawing Nelly without her noticing


The Final Drop (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/371095.html) : Nelly leaving her job

Goodbye (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/371482.html) : Rafael’s parents move to another city and he leaves Nelly behind


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