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Freya: 26 year old girl. Half-long black hair, green eyes. Has a lung cancer relapse.
Nick: Freya's best friend. Eventually they end up as lovers.
Susan: Freya's best friend. Liam's girlfriend.
Liam: Nick's best friend. Susan's boyfriend.
Chris: a mutual friend of Freya and Nick through ju-jitsu.
Rob: a mutual friend of Freya and Nick through ju-jitsu.
Risa: Freya's mother. Japanese.
Ayame: Freya's niece. Lives in Japan
Asumi: Ayame's younger sister.
Izumi: Freya's aunt. Mother of Ayame and Asumi
Tina: Both Nick and Freya know her from school. She hates Freya because she loves Nick as well.
Thomas: Best friend of Freya. Got killed in a car accident.


Drabble index


Childhood friends (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/352076.html) : First time Freya and Ayame met.

Drawing (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/615980.html) : Freya counting down the days ‘till the next trip to Japan

Rubber duck (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/618182.html) Freya and Ayame taking a bath

Why not? (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/766532.html) : Freya wants a kitten


An end and a beginning (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/791574.html) : Freya losing one of her best friends and finding another one

Prom Night (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/865640.html) : Freya doesn’t like Prom Night

Friends and Rivals (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/322394.html) : They are best friends, but rivals at training.

No smoking (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/784191.html) : Some people just can’t read

Paris (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/838043.html) : Freya visiting Paris

Bracelet (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/516799.html) : The last gift Thomas gave her.

A special gift (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/352492.html) : Ayame sends Freya a gift.

Little doubts (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/776479.html) : For a second Liam doubts himself

Black Belt (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/466068.html) : How Freya feels about being a black belt jujitsu

Support (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/356992.html) : Friendship means you’re allowed to call in the middle of the night.

Making up (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/560299.html) : Susan and Liam making up after their fight

Bakemono (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/357295.html) : Freya having met Tina and her words left her angry.

Breakdown (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/468488.html) : Freya didn’t deserve sensei’s scolding.

Trust (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/357490.html) : You need to trust your partner while fighting

Competition (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/520416.html) : a dart game challenge

Star gazing (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/825135.html) : A gift from her grandmother when her grandfather died

Relaxation (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/379028.html) : Freya meets Nick in a Wellness center

Halloween (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/387771.html) : Freya celebrating Halloween with the jujitsu gang.

I am the witch (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/438142.html) : Risa on Halloween

Dancing in the snow (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/468813.html) : Freya loves snow

Concert (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/502345.html) : Nick takes Freya to a concert


Returning (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/352527.html) : Freya and her jujitsu team visiting Japan.

Park Training (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/357680.html) : a jujitsu training in the park

Friendship (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/379291.html) : Freya seeing Ayame with a bunch of friends in town.

Token of Friendship (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/358012.html) : A walk through the forest in the evening

Poetry (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/379715.html) : Freya writes a haiku based on the evening walk through the forest.

Cherry Blossom (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/358976.html) : It’s a thin line between friendship and love

Disturbance (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/373772.html) : Freya having to defend herself when she comes home from a swim

Overheard (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/359367.html) : Nick hears Freya talk to Ayame, saying she has a cancer relapse.

Secrets (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/359591.html) : Ayame telling her she has to tell Nick she has a relapse.

Painful decission (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/359911.html) : Freya pushing Nick away.

Stubborn refusal (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/360109.html) : Nick refusing to be pushed away.

Reflection (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/365901.html) : Freya reflecting on her feelings for Nick

Silent comfort (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/367082.html) : Ayame offering some silent comfort


Bad news (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/517485.html) : The doctor telling Freya the cancer is back

Happiness (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/367463.html) : Enjoying the simple things in life

Bound (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/465868.html) : Nick has to fight with his hands bound

A ride home (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/824323.html) : Freya and Nick taking a taxi

To-Do-Lists (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/379501.html) : Freya makes to do lists to try and cope with the cancer

Guitar (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/380783.html) Nick never knew she played the guitar.

Bedtime story (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/381123.html) : Freya feeling ill and Nick taking care of her

Dancing (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/367345.html) : Nick asks her to dance and Freya says she loves him

Writing (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/465482.html) : Freya starts writing again

Thunder (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/837510.html : Freya finds a storm rather calming

Origami (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/838284.html) : Freya trying to make an origami crane

To the sea (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/969139.html) : Freya wanting to go to the sea and Nick not stopping her

Cuddles (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/560388.html) : Nick asks if he can stay the night for the first time

Tired (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/617132.html) : Freya having a bad day

Stay? (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/854947.html) : Freya asking Nick to stay the night

Watching you sleep (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/468440.html) : Freya likes watching him sleep

Teddy Bear (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/617956.html) : Freya kicked all the stuffed animals out of her bed

Untitled (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/797531.html) : Freya fainting during chemo

Back Home (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/838819.html) : Freya is finally home from the hospital

Call (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1013363.html) : “Call me, when there’s something, no matter the hour”

Hugs (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/516561.html) : Freya loves hugs.

Thinking of you (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1013993.html) : Freya thinking of Nick

Brushing hair (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/616272.html) : Freya doesn’t like it when he lets his fingers run through her hair

Decision (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/517148.html) : Freya cutting of her hair because of the chemo

Holding hands (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/617526.html) : Freya wants to go for a walk but is a bit embarrassed

Comfy chair (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/839518.html) : She loves her comfy chair when she’s had a rough day

Keeping strong (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/611240.html) : Freya pretending to be strong

Friendship (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/932893.html) : A text message from a friend that hurt

Sleeping (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/753909.html) : Nick watching Freya sleep

Massage (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/615926.html) : Freya having a rough night, Nick giving her a relaxing back massage

Happy birthday (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/783789.html) : A late walk in the park

Breakfast (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/754318.html) : Nick making her breakfast after a calm and peaceful night

Comforting music (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/774936.html) : Carl's music always cheers her up

What to do (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1007633.html) : Freya thinking about what she’s going to do after she has beaten the cancer.

Yeah right... (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/865419.html) : Teenagers trying to be interesting

Dizzy (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/932792.html) : Freya feeling dizzy when visiting the zoo

No words (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1047350.html) : She just wants to write…

Can I stay? (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/865230.html) : Nick asking if he can stay the night

Stray (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/841859.html) : A stray cat being adopted by the workers of the cultural center

Small business (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/842685.html) : Freya knows the man of the shop at the corner of her street very well.

After cancer

Expecting a phone call (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/437987.html) : Freya expects a very important phone call

Guitar (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1010345.html) : Playing again

Playing again (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/757278.html) : Freya playing the guitar again

Training (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/899260.html) : Freya’s first training after chemo

Back again (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/898348.html) : First time back on the tatami after the chemo - Written for the story friending meme

Winter (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/465010.html) : They are going skiing. Freya still a little week after the cancer

Welcome home (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/797838.html) : Freya comes back home after spending 2 month with her family in Japan and Nick is waiting for her at the airport

Cats (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/753991.html) : Freya wants a cat

Cats (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/383113.html) : Freya wants a cat

Protection (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/430512.html) : Assholes like that make their blood boil...

Away (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/777172.html) : Freya staying 3 months in the Scottish Highlands

The road home (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/777304.html) : Freya on her way home again

Katana (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/466272.html) : How they ended up fighting each other with real katana

Street Music (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/824076.html) : Freya, Susan and Liam playing music on the street

Seducing (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/767946.html) : Freya seducing Nick

Trampoline (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/498077.html) : jujitsu training with a trampoline

Bad day (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/866236.html) : Freya feeling bad and Nick cheering her up just by being there.

Parade (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/516991.html) : Susan asking Freya if she wants to come watch the parade.

Making up (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/791436.html) : Freya and Nick making up after a fight

Surprise (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/775673.html) : Freya paying Nick a surprise visit while he's working

Fobidden weapons (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/520097.html) : Nick and Freya want to go for their next level in jujitsu and have to follow a course on weapons.

Unique (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/841297.html) : Freya noticing a lovely quote on her way back home

Gossip (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/757889.html) : Nick hearing Tina speak ill about Freya

Comfort (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/758184.html) : Nick making Freya smile after he tells her about Tina’s lies

Happiness (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/837120.html) : Just knowing she’ll see him in the evening, makes her increadibly happy

Home again (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1300034.html) : Freya coming home from a trip to London

Silly present (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/520640.html) : Freya giving Nick a birthday present

Sadness (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/610317.html) : Freya feeling down for no reason and Nick cheering her up

Distraction (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/615672.html) : Nick distracting Freya during a groundfight

Waiting (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/782903.html) : Nick lying in bed, waiting for Freya to come home

Nightmare (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/783976.html) : Every time, the same nightmare about Thomas’ dead

Job Offer (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/824924.html) : Freya gets offered a job

Lies (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/899036.html) : Tina always lies, but the words still hurt

Traffic Noise (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/837844.html) : Freya finding an unexpected present for Nick

Looking forward to seeing you again (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1009818.html) : Freya can’t wait to get back home

Engaged (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/839018.html) : Susan telling Freya that Liam proposed

Back ally (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/839310.html) : An idea when she walks through the back ally

Late Autumn sun (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/842060.html) : Freya enjoying the late Autumn sun on her terrace

Too hot outside (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/901754.html) : And also too hot inside...

Victory (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/901399.html) : Freya cheering on a volley team after jujitsu training with a catapult.

Pool party (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/933577.html) : She throws Nick in the pool. With his clothes still on, of course

Running (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/899664.html) : She hates running.

A goal reached (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1317976.html) : She finally thinks of herself as beautiful again

I look good (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/901110.html) : Freya buying new clothes

Smile (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1009609.html) : There are simple things in life that can make one happy

Mail (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/842333.html) : Freya forgot her cell phone at home

PicNic (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1008014.html) : Freya and Nick have a picnic in the park

Impatient (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/897661.html) : Freya can't wait until Nick's shift is over

Going out (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/843545.html) : Freya and Nick going out with a couple of ju-jitsu friends

Music (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/843202.html) : The song is catching

Climbing (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/842864.html) : Nick likes climbing trees

Sauna (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1009319.html) : Freya and Nick visiting a private sauna

Exploring (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/972425.html) : Nick and Freya on holiday

Going out for dinner (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1317709.html) : Freya taking Nick out for dinner

I love you (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/898257.html) : Nick proposing

Dreams AU

Dreaming (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/382731.html) : The reality of the dreams scare her

Fire! (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/901232.html) : Yet another dream that confuses her

Recognition (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/899518.html) : Those dreams seem too real…

Destiny (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/847202.html) :

Finding courage (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/847455.html) Follows up on Destiny

‘Only Friends’ AU

Finding the words (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/430736.html) : It’s hard to voice what you are feeling inside when you know the love will not be returned.

Note (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/431578.html) : Freya slipping a note in Nick’s bag

Talking (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/502712.html) : Another talk

Believe me (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/501699.html) : Freya doubting herself, Nick reassuring her

Faith (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/502243.html) : follows up on Believe Me

Bittersweet Memories (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/520954.html) : Freya gradually saying goodbye to Nick.

Army AU

Untitled (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/416431.html) : Freya joined the Army

Waiting for you (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1289366.html) : Freya waits for Nick to come home

Killer AU

Hiden behind a light (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/824585.html) : Freya killing someone

Unhappy childhood Nick AU

Untitled (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/420385.html) : The development of the relationship between Nick and Freya

Orphanage AU

Coming home (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/431148.html) : Freya returning to the orphanage after some years

Comfort (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/431050.html) : Freya hates feeling helpless when one of the kids is going through a hard time

Fear (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/496959.html) : Freya immediately notices it when something is wrong

Comfort (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/497342.html) : The kids helping each other

Swimming pool (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/969260.html) : Playing with water when it’s hot outside

Break-up AU

Finally (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/616504.html) : He finally loved her

Neighbors (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/617331.html) : A talk with her neighbors

Scared (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/757520.html) : Freya is scared Nick will fall in love with his ex again.

Left alone (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/497848.html) : He left her, even though he promised her he never would

Chances (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/844855.html) : Freya is heartbroken when she learns Nick cheated on her. Again.

Alone (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/933304.html) : She doesn’t want to be alone

Childhood AU

Blowing bubbles (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/614757.html) : Nick and Freya and fluorescent bubble soap

Fighting (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/766796.html) : Freya fighting with Tina over something she said

Random AU

Grief (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/897146.html) : How do you deal with it when your 18 year old brother suddenly dies?

All of you (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/935737.html) : A song can trigger a lot…

Visiting (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/920991.html) : Freya and Nick go visit the grave of Nick’s younger brother

Snow (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1047294.html) : Simple things make her remember the sudden death of her brother-in-law

Injury AU

Loud Music (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1007534.html) : Sometimes you need to drown out your own thoughts

Shoulder injury (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/899903.html) : Yet another injury that prevents her from doing sport

Sleepless night (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1013568.html) : Freya can’t sleep.

Scared (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1009948.html) : Freya being scared in the middle of the night

Writing a book (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/1008182.html) : A shoulder injury prevents her from training, but writing, that she can do

Blind AU

Blind (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/898598.html) : Freya gets blind but Nick is there to take care of her and love her


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