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I just want to hide
I'm longing for his embrace
His comforting kiss
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Lying in his arms
Fingers running through my hair
Silence not broken
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Walking hand in hand
Through the rain or with sunshine
You. Me. Together.
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Secret kisses in
the hallway. His smile brightens
my day. I love him
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His arms around me
Secure embrace. Makes me smile.
I feel safe and loved
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The cold morning air
It makes me shiver slightly
Pull my coat closer
around me. Imagining
it are his arms holding me.
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Surprised gazes from
friends change to smiles. His hand in
mine. I don't let go.
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Friends all passing by
A party to celebrate
Played champion this year
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Excited. Nervous.
Preparing for exams to
come. Training today.

In truth. More nervous
for the reaction of the
others of the group.

Training's partner is
now my boyfriend. Curious
how we will manage.
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Title: Suprised by rain
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

The sun is setting and it is quickly getting dark while they are cycling homewards.

The night's air suddenly chill and she pulls her sweater closer to her. Luckily she took her scarf with her. And her fingerless gloves.

Next to her she sees him shiver.

"Are you okay?"

He nods and flashes her a comforting smile. "Of course."

She chuckles softly and they start talking about the training they just left and the upcoming exams for school.

After ten minutes they reach their crossroad. It has never been said or asked. It was a mutual understanding. To stop there and stay talking for a little while longer.

"Are you?"

A questioningly look on her face when she turns around.

"Are you okay?"

She knows what he is talking about. And for a second her eyes cloud over. But it is too dark already for him to actually see it. He might suspect it though.


Her voice trembles a little and she hopes that he doesn't notice it. There is a small smile on her lips. Forced. And they both know it.

"Don't lie."

He can't describe the look on her face when their eyes lock.

"Don't ask if you already know the answer."

The words sound hard and cold and loud in the dark night. It surprises the both of them.

Quickly she looks away. Not wanting him to see the tears that are threatening to spill.

The silence that falls is an uncomfortable one and she sighs when neither of them breaks it for the next three minutes.

"I've got to go. See you next training."

It's not a question yet he confirms it. Scared? She doesn't know.

"Damn it. Why bring it up again?"

She finally looks in his eyes again. Smiles reassuringly. Nothing broken between them. He's just worried about her. Knows how hard it is - the situation with her family not an easy one for the moment. But he's scared. Scared he won't be able to help. Scared she will not allow him to help. Part of that fear might be right...

"See you."

She gets on her bike again without giving him the usual hug. It's not as if he reached out for her either.

The music that rings through her ears - the hard rock/metal playlist - is enough to drive away all thoughts. For the moment it is enough. She knows the peace won't last.

The first raindrops make her look up in surprise. The sky not only dark because of the night but also because of the clouds. They are hiding all the stars and the moon.

She laughs. Short and sad.

The pour down drenching her to the bone. Cold raindrops mixing with the hot tears on her face. No one would be able to tell the difference...

Title: Looking out the window

She is holding a book. Reading. Or at least pretending to be. There isn't a word that she registers.

Sighing she finally places the book back on the table. She doesn't know why she is pretending. Pretending still. It doesn't matter. There is no one to pretend for. She lives alone.

"Don't lie."

Shaking her head, hands balled to fists. She ignores the pain when her nails burry themselves in her skin.

"Damn you. Damn you!"

Her fist slams against the cushion. Angrily she brushes away the tears that are rolling down her cheeks.

Standing up she walks to the kitchen. Pouring a huge class of orange juice, before walking back into the living room. She halts when she passes the window, pulling the curtains back a bit, looking outside. The rain is still pouring down. And she flinches a little when the lightning crosses the sky.

One part of her hopes she won't see or hear him again for the next couple of days. Until the next training. Or even longer. Perhaps she'll call in sick next week... Because he always sees through her. He always asks the right things, says the right things. And the truth often hurts.

Another part secretly hopes he'll pass by to talk things through. Because, no matter how scared she is, no matter how hurt she is. Talking might help. And she wants to talk. Wants nothing more than to talk - spil all that lives inside her - the hurt and anger and sadness and loniness. She wants to cry, knowing her friend is there to comfort her and hold her and tell her the sweet lie that everything will be alright in the end. Even though they both know that, after all that happened, her family will never forgive her...

She knows he won't though. It's passed 11pm already. And it is raining like hell.

Yet when she sees a man cycling past her window, her heart skips a beat.
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Title: Begin a story describing only 2 hands. Use the physical characteristics of the hands, as well as any relevant activity or movement, gesture, fidgeting, and so on, to reveal who the hands belong to
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Two hands. Small hands. Not too big. Slender fingers. Short-cut fingernails.
Held in front of her body. Open hands. Moving along with her body's movements. Up and down. Left to right and back to the left. Both moving different directions. Both synchronically.
They block another hand, move to fists, reach out.
Hit someone. Right on the plexus. Controlled.
Reach back. Slowly coming back to open hands. Waiting, moving along with her body, blocking, attacking.
Open. Closed. Always careful. Or so she tries to be...
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Title: Alone
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She walks. Alone. Crosses the street.
If it wasn’t this late and dark, she’d be humming along with her iPod’s songs.
The chill wind makes her shiver and she clutches her coat tighter around her body. Quickens her pace when she passes the darkest corner of her way back home.
It is not as if she is scared, but she is relieved when she can finally close the front door behind her. She doesn’t like working this late…
And if she is completely honest with herself for once… She doesn’t like coming home to an empty apartment. She doesn’t want to be alone…
She only wants to be loved. Only wants to feel safe in someone’s arms. Is that really too much to ask for?
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Title: A post-it note saying 'call mum'
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She bows and graciously accepts the flowers they offer her. Greeting the public with a last wave, a last bow, before getting off the stage. Nearly dancing. Nearly flying.

She gets hugs and kisses and the other congratulate her. She smiles and nods and tells everybody they were just as awesome.

When she closes the door of her dressing room, she leans against it. Eyes closed and finally the smile leaves her lips. It has been just a little too forced...

Quickly she takes off her ballet shoes. Flexing and stretching her toes.
The flowers are put in a vase with water that was standing ready already. Her eyes immediately catch the post-it note on her mirror.

Call Mum.

She laughs softly when she takes out her cell phone. Texting a message to her sister.

"Thanks for coming to the performance. You liked it? Calling mum now. ^_~"

Shaking her head she dials her mother's number. No matter what everyone else might think, she hadn't forgotten her mother's birthday...
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Title: Will you return?
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

It is raining
You’re flowing away
If later the sun shines
Will you come back?
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Title: Will you come
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

A single bird on a branch,
Not to be broken.
Are you ever going to come?
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Title: Whispers
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Whisper softly to
Me, Just to hear you say my
Name, Like years before
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Title: Whispering
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Say my name again
Say it ever so softly. Once
more. Just for me alone.
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Title: Wanderer
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Crystal tears
Shattered glasses
One friend
The Wind
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Title: Through the darkness
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Through the Darkness
Shadows fall
Not alone?

You are
Don’t let it break you

Dance away the fears
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Title: This feeling
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

This feeling…
It tears you up.
It breaks. Something. Inside.
Leaves you scared. Vulnerable. Alone.
So much to give. So much to lose.
You cry. Hot tears on your cheeks.
His name on your lips.
Heart wrenched


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