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Title: Mail
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

“You’ve got mail.”
She chuckles when she hears the metallic voice of her computer.
“Open mail.”
She already knows who it is from. Her best friend is so predictable… Not that she minds.
Clear laughter echoes through the room before she tells her laptop to open the reply window.
Quickly she dictates her answer. It is amazing how well the two girls know each other.
“Kelly. Dinner.”
She finishes the text.
“Sent to Tanya.”
It took her a couple of weeks before she had the wheelchair under control. And all the electric changes. But right now, it almost feels natural.
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Title: Disappointment
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She races through the house. Ignoring her mother's shout of surprise when she rushes past her, in a hurry to get out. Away. Just away.
She gets on her bike, cycles as if the devil himself is catching up with her. As if she can feel the hot flames of hell on her back.
There are tears rolling over her cheeks. Uncontrolled. Sobs escape her. She can't hold them back. Doesn't want to.
Surprised looks from people she passes. But she doesn't care. They can't know the turmoil of emotions inside her.
She wouldn't mind a real storm right now...
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Title: Broken
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She slams the door of her apartment. Slams it hard. There are tears rolling down her face. Uncontrolled. Leaving wet trails over her cheeks.

Sobbing she flings herself on her bed. Clutching the teddy bear that is always there.

In a fit of anger she pulls the ring of her finger, throwing it away. As far as she can. She hears it hit the mirror on the other side of the room. And for a second she hopes it will break the glass. Break it and shatter it and... But the glass is strong, much stronger than she is. Defeated.
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Title: Battlefield
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She shivers when she hears the surface beneath her feet crack. It sounds loud in the darkness of the night.

There is no one near her. No one who’ll hear her scream.

Looking around she wonders if she can make it to the other side of the lake. Wondering if she can run over the ice and throw herself on the safety of the grass. Before the ice completely breaks and allows the cold water to swallow her. Fire has always been her weapon, but it can’t help her now. Who would ever have thought water was going to win…
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Title: Dragon Rider
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

“Dragon Rider!”

The angry voice makes everybody turn around. Including me.

Our eyes meet, though there is no surprise that shows on my face. I had felt his presence already. I had felt it long before he noticed me. And yet, I did not run… I chose not to run.

Bright blue meets emerald green. I know there is nothing to be seen in my eyes. Yet there is pure hatred and an uncontrollable rage shining in the depths of the forest like orbs.

A sad smile reaches my lips. I have long ago accepted my fate, accepted my destiny.
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Title: Hiding inside
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Smiling she lets the wave of insults flow over her. Her eyes are closed. (Though that is no exception.)

Calmly she walks away from the others. She knows they will share ridicules and surprised looks behind her back. Wondering how she can take it all. How she can keep on smiling. How it is possible she doesn’t snap.

Yet inside she’s fuming. Inside she’s crying. Yet she refuses to let anyone see it. Except for the people she trusts. Except for the people she trains with.

A crazy laugh escapes her. She’s already looking forward to Kick-boxing training this evening.
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Title: Model
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

“Why can't you be like your sister?”

His eyes open wide when he sees the accusing look of his mother. He doesn’t want to believe she means it. Sure, they’ve had their arguments, but he has always loved her. He had thought she did as well.

“You’re sister is so just so much better than you ever were. Why could you never be the model child she could look up to?”

His hands cover his ears while big hot tears escape his eyes.

“You are my angel. Don’t let her hurt you.”

His wife’s gentle lips kiss away his fears.
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Title: Respect
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She shakes her head when she sees how these four boys are behaving. No wonder the older people start generalizing all youngsters in being arrogant and without respect and even destructive.

She sighs when she passes them. Wanting to be able to close her ears like she would close her eyes. Their yelling and music echoing loud across the streets.

Behind her she hears an older man mutter some curses under his breath while he eyes the youngsters suspiciously. If he could have, she thinks he might’ve smashed the iPod on the ground.

“Honest, respect should come from both sides.”
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Title: Scared
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She blinks her eyes. Darkness. All around her. Turning around. Seeing nothing but black. She has always hated it. Blackness. Darkness.

When she was a child (and even now still, as a grown up, an old lady), she can’t stand the dark. There has to be light around her. One light, on the hallway, when she goes to sleep. It’s enough. She closes her eyes. Concentrating on the image of a flame. It usually calms her. But not today. A desperate cry escapes her.

Don’t leave me alone.

And the voice of her lover she thought long lost answers.

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Title: Bottle
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

"Look! A bottle. In the water!"

Excited Alan takes Katie's hand. Dragging her towards the water. He smiles when he hears her laugh.

"Calm down, you little child-at-heart."

He runs through the waves that roll on the beach. Picking up the bottle.

Walking back to Katie on the sand he sees the sun reflecting in her blond hair.

Carefully Alan gives her the bottle. Katie's eyes narrow suspiciously when she sees his brown eyes twinkle.

Looking at the bottle she sees there is no note in it. Instead, at the bottom, there lies a ring.

"Katie, will you marry me?"
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Title: Running away
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Silently she sneaks out of her room. Luckily the stair is covered with a carpet. It silences her steps.

She takes her bag out of the closet. (She had put it there yesterday already.)
Last check. Cookies, cloths, money, cell phone, water and a couple of books. (They are her treasures.)

She holds a little teddybear in one hand. She never goes anywhere without it. Despite being seventeen.

She blows a kiss to the closed door of her parents' bedroom. She'll miss them. But she wants to be free. A deep breath. Walking out of the house. Not looking back.
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Title: Alone
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Useless. Loner. Freak.

She doesn't flinch when she hears their whispers. Not anymore... There used to be a time she did though. A time where she cried late at night, in the safety of the dark. Where she pulled the covers up to her chin, as if the blankets could protect her.

But not anymore. She has learned not to care anymore. She has learned to believe her real friends only.

You'll never make it. You'll never be happy. Always lost in dreams. Always alone.

She smiles. She'll show them. Just wait.

She. She'll make her own dreams come true...
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Title: Blue
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

A soft giggle escapes her. It results in getting some angry looks from people around.

She looks away, lips pressed firmly together, trying to hold back her laughter. She tries to look a little bit sorry, knowing it isn't working.

Beside her Tania coughs once. She knows her best friend is having the same problem.

"Why is nobody else finding this funny?"

It's but a whisper. Luckily soft enough so no one else hears it.

"Just be glad he said it was a blue sheep. How'd you have reacted if he said it was pink?"

Clear laughter. More angry looks.
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Title: Piano Keys
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

"Don't see the entire world in black and white."

He just shrugs. Not caring. He's been hurt just one time to much.

"Why not?"

She smiles. Gently, understanding. She's had her fair share of hurt feelings as well.

"Because there are so many beautiful colors in-between it."

A soft snort. However there's doubt in his eyes.

"No, between black and white, there is only gray. It’s just the same."

She wants to protest. He just keeps on speaking though.

"Black and white. Just like the keys of my piano. Music is beautiful. So is black and white really so bad?”
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Title: Running late
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

A series of curses leaves her lips. It would have made a sailorman proud. But it was no behavior for a girl. Or so the looks of the people around her told her. She doesn't really pay any attention to it.

One hand is holding her handbag. With the other she's pulling on her jacket. And all the while she is running. Trying not to bump into other pedestrians.

Why did her alarm clock decide to fail her this morning? Of all mornings it could have chosen... Today was the only day she could not allow herself to be late...

Title: Time to meet again

She's slightly out of breath when she finally arrives. Her eyes sweep over the flashy lettering while she takes out her cell phone to check the hour.

A relieved sigh escapes her. There is still time. Not much. But there’s still time.

Quickly she walks to track 9. She can't wait to see them again. It's nearly been a year. So long and still it seems as if their last meeting was yesterday. Time truly does fly...


How familiar his voice sounds still. It's immediately followed by three other shouts. What follows is a groupshug. They missed her too.

Title: Do you remember?

"Remember our time in Paris?"

Soft giggles and amused chuckles. Of course they all remember.

Every year the four of them make new memories. Together.

They met the first time in Rome. All of them were on a school trip. Pretending to be interested in yet another church. Somehow it had created a bond that crossed schools.

Sammy of the Scottish Highlands.

Elena from Spain.

Michael from France.

And she, Alexandra, from Greece. Once a year they would meet, visiting each other's country.

Their friendship is unique, and they know it. They are so different. Yet something keeps them together.
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Title: Books
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She's reading. Too absorbed in the words that flow before her eyes to hear him come in. Too focused on the story told on the pages to notice he's standing beside her. She's always off the world when she reads.

"Hey honey."

He smiles, knowing she won't react. There’s that far-away look in her eyes. And that dreamy smile on her face he knows so well.

Looking down at the book in her hands. Inkheart. For a second he wonders if she can hear the pages whisper to her as well.

He prepares the oven. Pizza will do fine today.
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Title: Write
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

"Write. It usually helps you, so, write…"

I shake my head.

"I can't..."

She looks at me. In non-understanding.

"What do you mean? You often write what you feel. Your drabbles are so often very personal. And so often that nearly nobody realizes it."

I close my eyes, let the sun warm my face, looking away, not wanting her to see my face.

“I can’t… I just… can’t. I don’t know what to write…”

“Is it about him?”

There comes no answer. Except perhaps the light blush that covers my face.

“Tell him.”

“He knows…”

“Tell him you’re feeling lost…”
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Title: Inspiration
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

I want to write. To bring my words to paper. And I can't. I hate this. Writer's block.

Write. Just write. Whatever words come to my mind.

Blue. Sky. Clouds. White.

The sea. The beach. Laughter. Swimming. Beach volley. Sand. Water. Sun-burned.
Sand-castle. Children. Running. Playing. Sun shining. Waves rolling on the sand, breaking against the rocks.

It is strange how it can seem to take ages to get 100 words on paper.

It is strange to see how much 100 words sometimes can be... Check again. 87 words. Still not enough. What the hell can I still talk about?
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Title: Mornings
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

A soft curse escapes when my alarm clock wakes me up. Reaching out I nearly throw it out of the window. Wisely deciding I really shouldn't. I think my mother will make me pay the shattered window...

Hmm... 5 more minutes.

Closing my eyes I lay myself back down. Enjoying the comfy-ness of my bed.

"You'll be late if you stay any longer in your bed..."

Looking aside. 5 minutes turned out to be half an hour. Yawning I get out of my bed. Shivering a little.

Still small eyes when I get downstairs. My mother smiles. Cheerful 'Good morning'.
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Title: Strange Humans
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Human beings are something strange.

No matter how many times they are hurt, they always manage to get back up. With bruises, scratches, sometimes even little pieces that are broken. But they always manage to get back on their feet. To live their lives again. To smile, laugh. To cry, weep. To fight when things are not going well. To keep on going, taking the next steps on their paths.

Smiling she lets the sun caress her face. The pen still in her hand. Papers lying next to her, nearly forgotten. Why write a gloomy drabble on a wonderful day?


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