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Three main stories I am writing (Memories once stolen, Shadows in the distance, Circle never ends) can be found here (http://rainbowfic.dreamwidth.org/tag/author:+kana)
No chronologic order, but I'd start with the first posted and then work your way upwards. :-)

Over here, there are also 3 seperated posts with all drabbles (per story) in Chronologic order:
Shadows in the Distance: http://kana-s-writing-corner.dreamwidth.org/43054.html
Memories once Stolen: http://kana-s-writing-corner.dreamwidth.org/43452.html
Circle never ends: http://kana-s-writing-corner.dreamwidth.org/43577.html
I hope I'll manage to keep it up-to-date. :-)

I'm also trying to write a How Are You In Haiku a day... :-)
Let's see how long I can keep that up. *crosses fingers*
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Freya: 26 year old girl. Half-long black hair, green eyes. Has a lung cancer relapse.
Nick: Freya's best friend. Eventually they end up as lovers.
Susan: Freya's best friend. Liam's girlfriend.
Liam: Nick's best friend. Susan's boyfriend.
Chris: a mutual friend of Freya and Nick through ju-jitsu.
Rob: a mutual friend of Freya and Nick through ju-jitsu.
Risa: Freya's mother. Japanese.
Ayame: Freya's niece. Lives in Japan
Asumi: Ayame's younger sister.
Izumi: Freya's aunt. Mother of Ayame and Asumi
Tina: Both Nick and Freya know her from school. She hates Freya because she loves Nick as well.
Thomas: Best friend of Freya. Got killed in a car accident.


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Nelly: Red haired girl with crystal blue eyes.
Rafael: Green eyed boy with long black hair.
Alex: Rafael's younger brother
Timmy: Nelly's older brother
The King: As the name says... :p He's a tyran.
Greta: The mother of Rafael and Alex


Nelly and Rafael have always been together. Eventually they lead the uprise against The King.
But what now? What now she has lost her memory, her memories, and he is no longer here... Rafael has been erased, throughout all of time. But there are flashes, memories, surviving, slowly coming back to her...
Can they find each other again? Can they finally lead the Revolution so they are freed from The King?

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Caithlynn: A 25 years old girl. Blessed with the Element of Air. She has magic and connects with a Dragon. Raven black hair, bright blue eyes. She is a master with bow and arrow and her twin daggers.
Alan: A 22 years old boy. Blessed with the Element of Fire. He has magic and connects with a Dragon. Long brown hair, brown eyes. He has a normal sword and a tanto (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tant%C5%8D).
Taigiri: Caithlynn's Dragon.
Naigendra: Alan's Dragon.
Sarah: Caithlynn's mother.
Simon: Caithlynn's father and the previous Wielder of the Element Air.
Frey: An 8 year old boy. Blessed with the Element of Water. He has magic and connects with a Dragon. Short blond hair, ice blue eyes.
Kayerith: Frey's Dragon.
Tessa: A 30 year old girl. Blessed with the Element of Earth. She has magic and connects with a Dragon. Flaming red hair, green eyes.
Echidna: Tessa's Dragon.


The Shadows are coming closer. Are threatening to swallow everything and destroy the world. There are only a few who can fight it. Who might be able to defeat it. It are the ones who practice magic. And it are the Dragons. But magic has long been forbidden and the Dragons have gone into hiding. Both of them, dragons and magicians, nearly extinct. Can they find each other and go on the journey to fight the Shadows?

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Title: Suprised by rain
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

The sun is setting and it is quickly getting dark while they are cycling homewards.

The night's air suddenly chill and she pulls her sweater closer to her. Luckily she took her scarf with her. And her fingerless gloves.

Next to her she sees him shiver.

"Are you okay?"

He nods and flashes her a comforting smile. "Of course."

She chuckles softly and they start talking about the training they just left and the upcoming exams for school.

After ten minutes they reach their crossroad. It has never been said or asked. It was a mutual understanding. To stop there and stay talking for a little while longer.

"Are you?"

A questioningly look on her face when she turns around.

"Are you okay?"

She knows what he is talking about. And for a second her eyes cloud over. But it is too dark already for him to actually see it. He might suspect it though.


Her voice trembles a little and she hopes that he doesn't notice it. There is a small smile on her lips. Forced. And they both know it.

"Don't lie."

He can't describe the look on her face when their eyes lock.

"Don't ask if you already know the answer."

The words sound hard and cold and loud in the dark night. It surprises the both of them.

Quickly she looks away. Not wanting him to see the tears that are threatening to spill.

The silence that falls is an uncomfortable one and she sighs when neither of them breaks it for the next three minutes.

"I've got to go. See you next training."

It's not a question yet he confirms it. Scared? She doesn't know.

"Damn it. Why bring it up again?"

She finally looks in his eyes again. Smiles reassuringly. Nothing broken between them. He's just worried about her. Knows how hard it is - the situation with her family not an easy one for the moment. But he's scared. Scared he won't be able to help. Scared she will not allow him to help. Part of that fear might be right...

"See you."

She gets on her bike again without giving him the usual hug. It's not as if he reached out for her either.

The music that rings through her ears - the hard rock/metal playlist - is enough to drive away all thoughts. For the moment it is enough. She knows the peace won't last.

The first raindrops make her look up in surprise. The sky not only dark because of the night but also because of the clouds. They are hiding all the stars and the moon.

She laughs. Short and sad.

The pour down drenching her to the bone. Cold raindrops mixing with the hot tears on her face. No one would be able to tell the difference...

Title: Looking out the window

She is holding a book. Reading. Or at least pretending to be. There isn't a word that she registers.

Sighing she finally places the book back on the table. She doesn't know why she is pretending. Pretending still. It doesn't matter. There is no one to pretend for. She lives alone.

"Don't lie."

Shaking her head, hands balled to fists. She ignores the pain when her nails burry themselves in her skin.

"Damn you. Damn you!"

Her fist slams against the cushion. Angrily she brushes away the tears that are rolling down her cheeks.

Standing up she walks to the kitchen. Pouring a huge class of orange juice, before walking back into the living room. She halts when she passes the window, pulling the curtains back a bit, looking outside. The rain is still pouring down. And she flinches a little when the lightning crosses the sky.

One part of her hopes she won't see or hear him again for the next couple of days. Until the next training. Or even longer. Perhaps she'll call in sick next week... Because he always sees through her. He always asks the right things, says the right things. And the truth often hurts.

Another part secretly hopes he'll pass by to talk things through. Because, no matter how scared she is, no matter how hurt she is. Talking might help. And she wants to talk. Wants nothing more than to talk - spil all that lives inside her - the hurt and anger and sadness and loniness. She wants to cry, knowing her friend is there to comfort her and hold her and tell her the sweet lie that everything will be alright in the end. Even though they both know that, after all that happened, her family will never forgive her...

She knows he won't though. It's passed 11pm already. And it is raining like hell.

Yet when she sees a man cycling past her window, her heart skips a beat.
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Title: Begin a story describing only 2 hands. Use the physical characteristics of the hands, as well as any relevant activity or movement, gesture, fidgeting, and so on, to reveal who the hands belong to
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Two hands. Small hands. Not too big. Slender fingers. Short-cut fingernails.
Held in front of her body. Open hands. Moving along with her body's movements. Up and down. Left to right and back to the left. Both moving different directions. Both synchronically.
They block another hand, move to fists, reach out.
Hit someone. Right on the plexus. Controlled.
Reach back. Slowly coming back to open hands. Waiting, moving along with her body, blocking, attacking.
Open. Closed. Always careful. Or so she tries to be...
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Title: Alone
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She walks. Alone. Crosses the street.
If it wasn’t this late and dark, she’d be humming along with her iPod’s songs.
The chill wind makes her shiver and she clutches her coat tighter around her body. Quickens her pace when she passes the darkest corner of her way back home.
It is not as if she is scared, but she is relieved when she can finally close the front door behind her. She doesn’t like working this late…
And if she is completely honest with herself for once… She doesn’t like coming home to an empty apartment. She doesn’t want to be alone…
She only wants to be loved. Only wants to feel safe in someone’s arms. Is that really too much to ask for?
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Title: A post-it note saying 'call mum'
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She bows and graciously accepts the flowers they offer her. Greeting the public with a last wave, a last bow, before getting off the stage. Nearly dancing. Nearly flying.

She gets hugs and kisses and the other congratulate her. She smiles and nods and tells everybody they were just as awesome.

When she closes the door of her dressing room, she leans against it. Eyes closed and finally the smile leaves her lips. It has been just a little too forced...

Quickly she takes off her ballet shoes. Flexing and stretching her toes.
The flowers are put in a vase with water that was standing ready already. Her eyes immediately catch the post-it note on her mirror.

Call Mum.

She laughs softly when she takes out her cell phone. Texting a message to her sister.

"Thanks for coming to the performance. You liked it? Calling mum now. ^_~"

Shaking her head she dials her mother's number. No matter what everyone else might think, she hadn't forgotten her mother's birthday...
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Title: Vulnerable Smile
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

No one knows how breakable life is and how vulnerable a smile…
But I do. Now I do…

- - - -

Brown hair. Blue eyes. Pale skin, but not white. Gentle smile. Sparkling orbs.
You moved with a grace only few of us posses…

Every one adored you. Girls wanted to be your friend, boys wanted you to be their girlfriend…so, naturally, so did I…

I loved you the first time I laid eyes on you.

Every day was the same… I would look for you. Search you with my eyes. Just to see you smile.

You are beautiful. Yes, everybody can see that. Yet that is not why I fell for you… It was your smile. Unique smile. Always and for everyone.

A stab of jealousy. I fell in love with the curving of your lips, yet you smile at everyone, for everyone… I want to have it, posses it. Keep it with me forever.

After we finished our school, I’ve never seen you again. Never. Until today. On the news… I immediately recognised you. How could I not? Your presence has hunted my dreams every night. But it was your smile that I remember most. It has been craved in my mind…

Yet when I see you now…

It’s a picture of you. And, of course, you smile. You always smile… Pieces of sentences reach my ears. Empty words.

“Young woman… Terrible accident… Car crash… No pain… Immediately dead…”

Lonely tears fall down. Silently…

Arms around me. My head against a shoulder. Hands rubbing my back.

You don’t question. You don’t judge. You simply hold me. Close against your warm body.

No words are spoken. We don’t need to… Through our silence I know that you finally know…

- - - -

Yes, I know now… Life is so breakable. And a smile… A smile is the most vulnerable thing in the world…

You’ve always been hiding behind it. No one ever knew you. The real you, it’s a mystery. Even now still. A riddle…

Yes, even a smile is vulnerable…
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Title: Tinkerbell’s Fairydust
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

There was a time she still believed in miracles. A time where she believed in magic. However those days are long gone.

She hesitates. Only for a second. But it is enough to make her curse softly.

"Oh for Heaven's sake. There used to be a time you were less scared."

Taking a deep breath she turns, carefully putting her legs outside the bed. She leaves them dangling from the side when she sits up straight.

Her hands on either side of her, resting on the bed. Her arms supporting all her weight.

Carefully she places her feet on the ground. Relishing the feel of the cold stones. Slowly, ever so slowly, she leans forward. Putting, little by little, more strain on her legs. Until she slips of the bed. Finally standing on her own two legs again. Her hands still resting on the mattress. Safety support.

If any if the nurses would walk in now, they'd have a fit.

The thought makes her smile.

Rules are meant to be broken.

His words. His way of life.

She has never been good at it.

Closing her eyes, her hands let go of the soft mattress. Let go of safety.

She tilts her head. Towards the sun that shines through the window. Keeps the smile on her face.

Spreading her arms before her. As if to embrace. As if she's ready to fly away...

How she wants to leave this room. This place. She knows though that her treacherous legs will give away beneath her as soon as she dares taking one step.

Sometimes I wish I could fly.

Her words this time.

Out of the distance she can still hear his laughing response.

To Neverland?

Tears are rolling down when she opens her eyes again. Watching the clear blue sky.

"No. To you..."
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Title: Tears
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Tomorrow the River will still flow, perhaps my Tears no longer will…

Do you know how much you’ve hurt me? Don’t say it! Don’t say you love me. Because it is a lie. You know it. And so do I. Don’t say it. Don’t you dare whispering these precious words… For you don’t mean it. These words you so often tell me. They’re true. They’re just not meant for me…

All these promises. Were they all lies? Wouldn’t you always be here? With me…? Then why? Why are you leaving me?

No, don’t speak. Don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it… You were the one my heart beated for. You were the one who gave me reason to believe. You broke down everything. All the fragile walls where I was leaning on, who supported me. Crumbling down.

Sometimes life seems impossible when you’re expected to live it…

Right now, that sentence really fits.

But you know what… I won’t give you that pleasure. I won’t break because you’re not longer here… Forget it. Keep that smile of your face. I won’t break! Not now, not ever… Not for you…
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Title: Return
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She takes the key. An old door in front of her. A memory of a happy life. So long ago.

With trembling fingers she opens the lock. The sunlight brightens the place. Dust is everywhere.

An old armchair. She smiles. Grandfather…

The smell of the house is still the same. Musky and in the distance one could smell peppermint.

Years have passed by. So many things have changed. For better or for worse, she couldn’t tell.

The kitchen. An old woman smiles at her. Stirring the soup. ‘You staying for dinner dear?’ A soft, gentle voice. Her blond hair mixed with grey. Forming a long braid on her back. And the blue eyes twinkling as always. ‘Of course she is…’ The deep voice of an old man. A bright smile on his face. The grey hair neatly held together. Strong arms holding her close. She smiles and closes her eyes, leaning in to the touch.

When she looks again, she’s still standing in the room, alone. Outside the wind started to play with the fallen leaves. Little white snowflakes touching the ground.


So many years ago they had a tradition: the day the first snow fell, they would come together that evening. They would celebrate. She didn’t exactly remember why, but she still knew the happiness, the safeness.

Walking over to a small closet, she opens it. Old pictures, a scarf, an unfinished knitted pull-over, books and off course the Winter-decoration. The smell of memories.

A bird in a tree starts to sing. Soft, gentle. It’s looking at the girl inside. It stays on the branch. As if it’s waiting. Waiting for someone yet to come. For someone to return.

She takes the scarf and wraps it around her neck. Like her grandmother would have done. One look in the mirror. Yes, it is true. She does resemble her granny. The same grace, the same smile, the same ice-blue eyes, the same blond hair.

The pull-over is the next to come out. Red mixed with black. This one was meant for her. Her favourite colours. Blood red and midnight black. Colours of Hell some say. But not for her. No, for her it are the colours of Love and Tranquillity. Grandma knew that. She never once objected. Her parents did. Her sister and brothers did, but not her grandparents. They accepted her for what she was. They always had. And she knew, even after everything that had happened, that they still did. They respected the choices she made. Even the hard once, even the wrong once…

The pictures… The wedding day. When granny married another man. Her grandfather. She never knew some-one else. She never knew granny’s first husband. Her mother had cursed her so many times because she called that man grandfather. But granny would smile and her eyes would twinkle. And that was one of the reasons that she disobeyed her parents and kept on calling him grandfather. Because it made grandmother happy. She often wondered if that wasn’t the most important thing. That granny was happy… Of course it was, but the other family members didn’t see it that way… She still doesn’t know why… After a while they simply forbid her to see her grandparents. Not that she listened… She loved them to much… Even if that meant breaking with all the family.

A smile graces her lips. She, granny and grandfather in the forest. It was a whole photo shoot. The three of them pick-nicking. Lying on the grass, in the sun. She and granddad swimming in the lake. She and granny making crowns of flowers. Smiling pictures. Every single one of them.

Actually she lived most of her life with her grandparents. The most beautiful time that she could remember. She hadn’t seen the rest of the family ever since. Even not on the funerals…

Pictures of the three of them in and around the house, in the zoo, in the rain… Yes, that’s a story on its own. Like most are… They were shopping. Birthday shopping. Always fun. And after that, when they were walking home, it started to rain. Not hard. Just some drops… Once they were at home, granny started to prepare dinner. She was a kitchen Princes. And then it really started to rain. It poured down. Obstructing your view. You could only see the drops fall, nothing more. She and granddad had gone out. Within a minute they were wet ‘till the bone, but they loved it. Their laughter filled the air, and soon she started to sing. Loud and clear, and grandfather followed.

With much care she takes out the Winter-decoration. Once her parents, her sister and her two brothers had joined the celebration. But when granny remarried, they never came anymore. They stopped caring… Granny had suffered under it. She had lost her daughter, her two grandsons and her granddaughter… All she had left was the man she loved and her youngest granddaughter. Yes, she loved someone again. She had grieved long enough for her first husband. He hadn’t died. Oh no, he had left her for a younger woman. A year before she was born. Granny had been alone ‘till her grand-daughter was eight. Nine years alone, and finally she found love again. And then her family dared to say that that was not allowed. It wasn’t granny’s fault that that bastard left her…

Her eyes took in the empty closed before her. No, not empty. In a corner hidden behind the pictures and the decoration, was a small box. With trembling fingers she took it out and opened it. Inside where the wedding rings. Pure, simple rings, with nothing on it. Just their names on the inside… It had meant a new start for both of them.

She looks at the pictures once more. How they had shined when they were finally married. They were so happy.

Carefully she put everything back in its place and closed the closet door. And turned away. It was the only thing that remained of their life. Why was it still here? She knew that the family had taken everything with them. At least everything they could use. The things that reminded them of granddad and the happy life of granny, were burnt. So how come these things were still here?

She turns around again. Nothing there. Just a dark corner. No closet, no pictures, nothing.

She lowers her head. Is she going mad? Was she imagining things?

No… She knew she wasn’t. And suddenly she saw it. On the ground, there were the closet stood, was something strange. She couldn’t see what it was. Sitting down before the strange place, her eyes widened. The print of two rings together. Black with a red glow.

With a smile on her face she stood up again. The house had kept the memory of three happy people.

Sitting in the armchair, she closes her eyes, feeling so much sadness. How clearly does she remember when they died. At night. Together. Lying in each other arms. Smiling. After that she took care of everything. Everything. Alone, ‘cause she knew she didn’t have to ask the family. She wouldn’t ask the family. They had abandoned them, and still the three of them had survived everything on their own. She wasn’t going to give them the pleasure to think that they were right. She wasn’t going back. She did send them a letter to tell them that her grand-parents had died, but she never received an answer.

The funeral was beautiful. There were not many people, but those who were there loved her grandparents very much.

Silent tears are rolling down her face. How she misses them still. Her eyes open slowly.

When her father was dying, her brothers send words for her to come home. They didn’t ask her to, no, they ordered her to. Off course she didn’t go. Neither did she go to his funeral. Or to her mother’s two years later. And she lost all contact with her brothers once again.

The house had been empty ever since they died. Nobody had bought it. And she couldn’t live in it. Her work made her travel from city to city, from country to country. She had seen whole the world. Like her grandfather had before her married granny. He was a sailor.

And now, after an eternity, after 49 years, she had finally come home. But not for long. She knows. She knows that she wouldn’t even have time to clean the house. She had seen all the memories again. She had lived once again some moments with them. And she knows that soon, she would have to go. But she wasn’t scared, nor sad to leave the house again. Because she knew that home, really home, was in her heart, was with the people she loved the most.

She closes her eyes. She knows it now: it’s time to go.

It was like floating through the air. Black sky. It felt so comfortable.

She opened her eyes again when a sunray touched her face.

The house was once again like she had always known it to be. Her granny in the kitchen, granddad reading a book, and she sitting on the couch, listening to the music and enjoying the peace and happiness. Looking at the trees outside. Yes, she was finally back home.

Outside the bird flew away. They had returned to each other. There was no point in staying any longer.

And the next day, someone would see the open door, would find the girl’s, no, the woman’s body. The people of the village didn’t know her, until, at last, a man would say that she is the granddaughter of the former inhabitants. They would bury her next to her grandparents. The man would come to visit and lay blood red roses on the graves. He would weep. He’d cry for the grandparents and the little sister he once had.

And on a branch nearby the graves, a bird would start to sing. The song of a new start
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Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Over the hills he races. It feels wonderful! Just the feel of the fresh air on your face. Just the knowledge that you are alone. That no one will disturb you. Jus you. And the wind. And the hills. And no one else. It’s what Pirates once used to describe as Freedom. Even though they would be on a ship. While he just runs through the sand, through grass and stones. But the feeling remains the same.


He hates it! Why does everybody think of him as if he’s crazy? He isn’t. He’s just different. And that is what they don’t like. They want routine. No stranger… But it’s not fair! They are not. Life is not…

Life is not fair. It’s just fairer than death…

She was right. It’s ironic how right she was. We cannot beat destiny. We cannot steal time. We can only live. And that is not fair. Because there is nothing that we can really do. We can’t change anything that is of real importance. Like her… He could not help.


He passes them without as much as a glance. They are not worth his attention.

Yes, that is what he is… He knows that. They know it. What can be done about it?

Why don’t you just disappear?
He will never show it. He will never admit it. But it hurts. All these insults. They hurt. Yet he controls himself once more. As he will hold back tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that…

I pity your mother… Being forced at having such a child at home… Poor woman…
It’s the only way he has found to keep the pain a little bit at bay. To ignore those soft whispers. He knows it gets so much worse if he reacts to it.

Leave us alone!
He has wondered though. Why can’t he be like everybody else. But then her words come back to him. And he smiles again. She was right. As she always was. There is no need to be like everybody else. The world would be rather boring if there aren’t some special cases. And he would see her smile. That one particular honest, mischievous smile. The one he has come to love.

Why do you always smile like that? You have no reason to smile!
Oh, but he has. And his lips curl a bit more upwards.

You have no reason to live!
Abruptly he stops in his walk, the smile completely vanished. How can people be so cruel? Why can’t they leave him alone already? He does nothing wrong…


Let them talk! Your family loves you. You have friends who love you.
She silenced him when he tried to interrupt. Her fingers were soft against his lips.
I love you…

She chuckled softly when she saw his shocked face. He had understood the true meaning. She loved him like his mother loved his father. Not like a normal friend liked him.

Her fingers were replaced by even softer lips. A mere second. Before she withdrew. And left him breathless. A mere second of heaven, without his knowing, soon to be replaced by years of hell…


He walks through the school gates. Leaving the cold whispering voices far behind.

A memory. So fresh. So old. Still too painful.

Her smiling face greeted him. A wave of her slender arm. A shout. Don’t forget!
He smiled. He should have known though, that something was about to happen. She had always been right.

No one had seen the car. Except perhaps she. He still remembers the smell of burned rubber. Where the wheels scraped over the ground. With too much speed around the corner. He can still see, in slow motion, every move her fragile body made while flowing through the air, and landing on the ground, like a broken linen doll. The screams of the other people are still ringing in his ears. His own shout getting lost in all the noise. He still feels the same helplessness. Yet now, with a new found determination. She has always been right…
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Title: Nothing is as it seems
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

The sun was shining. A couple of white clouds passed by. The blue sky the most present. Outside, on the street, children were running. There were no cars, no danger. It was like a dream, like a fairy land. It was as if nothing could go wrong. And nothing did go wrong.

Just outside the town was a forest. The trees’ green leafs bringing a calm atmosphere to the people living in the village. The singing of the birds a constant reminder of how good life was here.

“Elise… Dinner is ready. Are you coming?”

“Yes mom!”

She ran down the stairs. Whistling the newest hit. She could clearly smell the spaghetti and the tomato sauce. Her favourite food in the world.


“Mom, I’m going to play outside with Lisa…”

She didn’t even wait for an answer. Knowing her mother wouldn’t object anyway.

After meeting up just outside the door, the two girls ran towards the forest together, already wearing their swimming suits underneath their clothes. Towels swung over their shoulders.

The lake was halfway the forest. The water always at the right temperature. It was like heaven on earth.

Once the two girls arrived there, they saw three other of their friends already in the water.

“Hey! You guys are early!”

Their friends wave enthusiastically at them and without a second hesitation the girls threw off their clothes and dived in the cool water.

Smiling they start splashing water to each other. Soft squeals escape her lips.

Closing her eyes she dives under water. Little bubbles finding their way to the surface.

Coming back above she takes a deep breath.

“I’m going to lay myself down. I want to feel the sun on my skin.”

Crawling out of the water, she marvels at the feeling of the cool, soft grass beneath her feet.

Closing her eyes once more, she listens to the laughter and soft chattering of her friends.

The sun is warm and soon she hears nothing anymore. A peaceful slumber.

After what seems a couple of minutes she looks again.

Her friends are no longer there. The sun has disappeared and it is dark. So dark… Pitch black. She shivers ever so slightly.

She’s not near the lake. There is no soft grass under her small body. She’s lying on the floor. The cold and hard floor… No mattress. No blanket to cover her from the chill air. No pillow to gently rest her head on.

Sitting up she winces slightly. And when she looks down she sees her right arm covered in red, she’s unable to move it…

Her eyes are wide open. A non-understanding gaze.

She doesn’t speak. What can she say? Beside, no one is there.

It must be a nightmare. She was lying on the grass. Did she fall asleep? It must be that.

Slowly she gets up.

There… A window… It is open, yet she still can’t see any daylight.

Walking over to it, she places her hands on the window sill. Leaning forwards to look outside. Where is she? On the second floor of a building. But where?

Her right arm hurts like hell. And she tries to bite back tears that are threatening to spill. What is this?

A loud bang is heard before her and the next thing she knows is a sharp pain in her chest. Her hands lose their grip on the window and she stumbles backwards. Her left hand travels up to her chest. It is wet. A red liquid pours down past her fingers.

Looking back up, still confused, she sees the sun appear from behind the clouds. She smiles.

Waving with her right hand to her best friend, Lisa, who just steps out of the water.

~ * ~ * ~

A day later a soldier enters a gray building. On the second floor he finds her. The little girl one of his men saw last night.

He had seen her appear in front of the window. Alone, un-guarded. Only a second after that there had been a shot. She had stumbled backwards, one hand clutching her chest.

He grinds his teeth and balls his hands to fists. She was so small. Another innocent victim of this stupid, cruel war. Will people never learn? Haven’t there been enough dead yet?

Innocent. Guilty. Who is what? And what exactly is the difference? This little girl. Was she guilty? Is that why she had to die? If yes, what was it she was accused of? Or was she just another innocent war-victim who was at the wrong place at the wrong time…? No one is safe…

The soldier shakes his head. Tears are shimmering in his eyes. But he will not let them fall. This little one has been so brave. She has survived for so long. Has suffered for such a long time. He would not cry. For her…

Gently he scoops her up in his strong arms. She is so light.

His eyes widen when he takes a closer look at her face. She is smiling…

“You are safe now little one… Be happy…”
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Title: No one
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

She feels like no one today.
Can she do that? Be no one…
Can she just exist, without living? For a moment... Can she? Just being here, without really being here...
Can she lock herself up in her room this day? Alone.
Can she pretend not to be here for a while?
Will they leave her alone? Or will they try to find her? Do they care enough to try and bring her back?
Or is her fantasy world, that one dimension in her head, the only place where she can find some peace, some solace? The only place where she can be herself. Or at least the one she wants to be…
Just, let her be… Let her be no one… Just for this moment, just for today. Please…
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Title: Memories
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

The sun is setting. Blood red sky. The clouds cover the comforting present of the stars. Even the moon isn’t visible.

I walk alone through the alley. The feeling of eyes on my back is ever present. Soft steps echo behind me. My heart races. My breath hitches. Hands grape my waist from behind.

Waking up with a scream. Tears on my face. Like a river. I seem to be a never-ending waterfall of tears these days. Everything makes me cry. Every word, every image, everything… I don’t know what made me change. I used to be a stable person… Perhaps it was your leaving…

I look outside. Blood red sky. Covered stars and moon. Dark clouds. Rain. Standing up I doubt if I should go outside.

The alley is dark. And lonely. I walk through it. Until… Soft steps behind me. My heart races. My breath hitches. Hands grape my waist from behind. No waking up this time. I should have stayed inside. Someone turns me around. A face. Brown hair. Thick beard. Twinkling grey eyes. Well known face. I sigh. Relieved. It’s only you. A smile in my voice. Don’t scare me like that…
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Title: Lose control
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Lose control.
Let it go. Free your soul. Search your heart.
Look at the stars. See how they shine. Don’t try to catch them. Let moonlight fill you up.
Release your anger. Blood red soul.
Heartless creature. You use the night. The night uses you.
Stars are covered. Moonless sky.
Bounds that bind you to a homeless town. Never free.
Racing over the hills. On wings of wind. To eventually stop. Head bowed and shoulders slumped. To return. Home. Where nobody is waiting. Where no one cares. Yet you have to obey that call, that voice that keeps on calling you back. To no one’s land. You can’t figure out why. You don’t know who. You just obey.
It’s as if you’re trapped. Like you’re locked up somewhere. Taken prisoner, but allowed to explore every inch of the land around.
They don’t hold you captive. They know you’ll return.
However there has to be a way. A way out …
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Title: Last of the water elves
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

A waterfall was heard in the distance. Laughter followed. Could it be? Did there lived children in the forest? No. Impossible. Who would want to live here? Who would be able to live here? But still. He was not mistaken. There were childish voices. Singing, laughing.

He slowly, silently crept closer. Needing to see what he heard whit his own eyes.

And he saw. Indeed he saw. Thirteen girls were swimming in the lake. Splashing water to each other. Smiles on their faces.

They looked strange. Pointed ears. Wonderful blue or green eyes and blond hair. Full of grace. And a beauty no human possessed. Who were they? And then it struck him. Elves. They were Elves.

No, impossible! They all died a long, long time ago. After the Last War. Not one had survived it. Or so everybody thought…

But why did they live here alone? Why did they not join the people anymore? They had always lived in real harmony.

As a little boy he had played with Elves. When the Last War began, he was thirteen, they disappeared. Died, like everybody thought. Ever after that, he had thought that he had imagined everything. All the grown up people had told him that there were no Elves. That they never existed. And he had believed them. Although if he admitted it, in his heart he never did. Now he remembered the times he spent with them. Valdaglerion always took him with them. To this waterfall. Playing in the water. Enjoying the sun. He remembers now. Those times. It weren’t dreams… Why did it have to end?

Out of the distance he heard the voices silencing. Meaning they had seen him. How would they react? Would they start screaming? Would they run?

He slowly returned to reality. His sight focusing on the Elf-girls before him. They were staring at him. Just staring. Nothing could be seen in their eyes. No worries, no scared feelings, no happiness, nothing. Just cold eyes watching him. They were on their guard, but they were not unfriendly… Of course they were not. Elves are friendly creatures… However, after everything that had happened, it was strange to see that they didn’t fear him, that they weren’t scared or angry. Vaguely his mind had registered that, but it didn’t seem to slip through.

The girls looked at each other, at the man before them. And then, suddenly, one of them stepped out of the water. Approaching the man before them.

“Are you alright? You seem to be far off. What is there? Out in the distance where you are now?”

Her voice was soft and light like the wind. It was music. Enchanting. Beautiful. He found he could do nothing else but answer her. Even though he wasn’t planning on answering.

“Memories. So many memories. Things that are and things that once were. Why did it have to end? Why is it all gone? I miss them. Wish I could be with them once more. Even if it was only a minute. Just to see them again. It would be great.”

His voice was a hoarse whisper. Tears had appeared in his eyes. But they would not fall. He wouldn’t let them.

She smiled. The cold distanced look gone. She was shining. It was as if she knew it. Knew what he was talking about. And then, without a warning she turned around, walking ‘till she stood next to her friends again.

“What would you do if your wish was granted…?”

The soft voice of a memory so long ago.

He slowly turned around. Looking in magnificent green orbs. Orbs he had never forgotten, even if everybody told him it wasn’t true. Orbs he would never forget. How could he forget? Those orbs had hunted his dreams.

“I would wish that it would never end…”

A strange look appeared at the Elf’s face.

“And what if this all was just a dream? What if you wake up later, and they tell you that it was a dream, that it wasn’t true. What if you think yourself that it was all a dream…?”

Alsander just stared at him. Thinking about the words his friend had spoken. It was true. It was like before. After the Last War. When they had disappeared.

“Then I wish that it would never end. If this is a dream, don’t let me wake up. Let me stay here. Don’t let me alone again. Don’t leave me again…”

His voice sounded so strange by the tears he was holding back.

The Elf before him smiled. His own, unique smile. The smile of his friend. Valdaglerion …

They greeted each other. The way they always did. The way of friends.

“It isn’t a dream, is it?”

Valdaglerion shook his head gently.

“It never was a dream Alsander… Never a dream…”

He nodded. Disappointed but happy at the same time.

The Elf saw it and immediately knew what was going through his friend’s head.

“They just wanted to protect you… During the Last War, and after it, everybody who even mentioned to have any kind of connection with Elves, would have been killed. They just cared for you…”

Alsander looked amazed at him. Not understanding why those people should have been killed.

“We were dangerous to their eyes. Our gifts… They didn’t trust us. We can do things you humans can’t. They don’t like that. We are so different from your race. They hate things they don’t know. Our gifts… For them it was magic. Forbidden, dangerous. Because they couldn’t understand it.”

The man nodded. He knew. Knew that the Elves were different, that they could do things that were way beyond his imagination.

“Like this…? Knowing what I feel, want to say or ask…?”

Valdaglerion shook his head.

“Partly… We can feel strong emotions, but we can’t read minds… The expression on your face said enough most of the times…”

Alsander smiled. He knew he was easily readable.

“Like we’re used to…”

The voice even softer than in his dreams and memories. Had it always been this beautiful?

He looked aside. She was still as he remembered. Ice blue orbs. Sparkling. Blond hair. Flying around, even though there was almost no wind. A beauty beyond words. A smile where you could draw in.


He slowly walked closer. His hand reaching out. But he hesitated halfway the air.

Could he do it? Could he really touch her?

She still smiled. A bit sadder than before, but the sparkles in her eyes were still there.

Instead of waiting until he had made up his mind, she gently took his hand. Guiding it ever so slowly to her face. They both couldn’t breathe for some seconds. The tension was there. They couldn’t escape it. So many memories, so many things had happened. They had shared so much. When his fingers touched her check, they both felt the bond again. The connection that had always been there. Vanlanthiriel closed her eyes. Enjoying the touch, letting the feeling fill her whole. She felt Alsander doing the same. Time seemed to stand still. They heard nothing. Not the children playing in the water. Not the wind breathing through the leaves. Not Valdaglerion who silently walked away to the lake. Nothing could break this moment.

/I missed you…/ Soft whispered Elvish words.

But he heard it. He understood it. After all, how many days didn’t he spent with the Elves before the Last War…?

They looked in each other’s eyes. A magical moment.

Alsander slowly leaned closer until their noses met. Their foreheads leaned against each other. Their breathing mixed.

The kiss was gentle, pure, soft, sweet… Like the first one so many years ago. Heaven…

They slowly pulled away. Just looking at each other. Taking in every detail of the other’s face.

Why did they have to miss each other for so long? It wasn’t fair.

“Why… Why didn’t you return? Why didn’t you let me know you were still alive? Why didn’t you tell me it wasn’t a dream?”

Vanlanthiriel closed her eyes. Knowing that it had hurt him a lot. Knowing that she could do nothing to make that pain disappear.

“I couldn’t tell you… If I ever came near you, you would have been killed… I couldn’t have lived with that. Even living without you is better than living with the knowledge that I am the reason of your death. Can’t you understand?”

Alsander just looked at her. The sparkles in her eyes had disappeared. He did understand. Of course. He would have done the same. But he had missed them so much… But then again, so did she…

“Did you watch me? Did you look after me?”

His sudden small smile told her he already knew the answer, so she just nodded.

“I knew it. I don’t know why, I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I felt it. I felt that someone was ‘protecting’ me… Somehow I immediately thought of you. But every time your name came in my head, I thought I was dreaming again. But it was you…”

Soft steps on the grass announced Valdaglerion’s arrival again.

“Of course it was her…”

Alsander looked aside.

“And not only her if I’m right. You too. Thank you my friend.”

Valdaglerion just bowed his head lightly.

The children had silently followed the green-eyed Elf. And were now waiting.
Alsander looked questioningly. What were they all waiting for?

/Time to go home…/

As on command all the Elf-children ran forwards. Into the protection of the high trees.

“Is this yet another goodbye?”

Alsander’s voice sounded as if it would break. Vanlanthiriel and Valdaglerion changed knowing looks.

“Only if you want it to be…”

He looked surprised from the Elf-girl to the Elf. Did they mean…

A soft laughter escaped the blue-eyed girl’s lips. “Of course. The choice is entirely yours. You can join us, or you can go back to your village. It’s completely up to you…”

They both smiled broadly upon seeing the look on his face, already knowing his answer.

He just smiled back.

“What are we waiting for…? Let’s go…”

And they do. Walking in the forest. Staying together from now on. They would never be separated again… For the simple reason that living without each other isn’t possible. Each one of them had died a little bit after the Last War. But they would heal. Time, love and friendship would make it all alright again.
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Title: Free
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

Free. Nature. A blue sky. White clouds.
Why is it that I always connect freedom with nature? Why is it that the clear blue sky reminds me of your mind? And the white clouds are like my bed.

You, whose thoughts always go flying, as if they’re drifting on the wind. You, who often think of yourself to be like a bird. Perhaps that is why I think of you when I see the sky.

There is nothing over here though. Only blackness. A deep dark tunnel. It has something comforting though. Something strange, yet familiar. Something I can’t put my finger on.

There is no light. There is just nothing. And it is reassuring. To be alone in here. With no one else but my thoughts. In fact, even they have left me for the moment. I am truly alone. And for the very first time in my life, it doesn’t bother me. In fact, I kind of like the feeling.

A soaring eagle. It leaves a message. It’s strange how I can see the animal, when I can’t even see my own feet in this darkness. It’s even stranger how I can understand the message it brings me. When the animal does nothing else but flying over my head.

Standing up, I didn’t even know I set myself down, I walk towards the exit. Weird, I walk over there with my eyes closed and without knowing where the exit is. Yet I find it without a second of hesitation.
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Title: Edelweis
Author: [personal profile] dark_kana

“Je bent gek Ruben!”

Ze hoort zijn lach. Opgewekt en speels. Meestal heel aanstekelijk. Maar vandaag niet. Nu niet.

“Verdomme Ruben, waag het niet! Kom terug naar beneden.”

De kwaadheid is uit haar stem. Vervangen door onrust. Bijna angst… Ze houd haar adem in als ze ziet hoe hij zijn arm uitstrekt. Vingers proberen het breekbare bloemetje te plukken. Geraken er net niet.

Even ziet ze hem met een bezorgde blik naar beneden kijken. Dan reikt hij toch terug naar de bloem. Maar deze keer komt zijn bovenlichaam een stukje van de rots af.

Beneden houd Kelly haar adem in. Niet vallen. Niet vallen. Niet vallen. Een mantra in haar hoofd.

Ze laat haar ingehouden adem ontsnappen wanneer hij terug tegen de rotswand plakt. De bloem voorzichtig in de zak van zijn jas geborgen. Opgelucht. Hoewel ze pas helemaal gerust zal zijn als hij met zijn twee voeten naast haar op de grond staat. De afdaling duurt langer dan het beklimmen van de rots.

Ze zou willen lachen als hij plots voor haar staat, een brede glimlach op zijn gezicht. Triomfantelijk. Zijn hand houd haar de bloem voor.

Ze zou willen lachen. In plaats daarvan geeft ze hem een zachte tik tegen zijn hoofd, voor ze de bloem aanneemt.

“Dank je.”

Zacht gefluister. Net luid genoeg zodat Ruben het kan horen.

Voorzichtig strijkt hij een haarlok uit haar ogen, zijn vingers strelen haar gezicht, voordat hij haar in zijn armen neemt.

“Het spijt me…”

Er moet niets uitgelegd worden.

Ze schudt haar hoofd, glimlacht.

“Je bent lief.”

Voor een ogenblik die verbaasde blik in zijn ogen. Voordat hij zachtjes lacht en haar weer omhelst. Het doet haar hart springen wanneer hij haar hoort fluisteren.

“Je bent mijn lief…”


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