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Wednesday 26/03/2014
Feeling tired and
cold. My entire body
hurts. Wanna go home

Made it to training,
just in time.Easy fighting
with boyfriend. Trying
to get back in shape. Try to
deny the possible bad
verdict of the scan
that will be taken Friday.
Must stay optimist.
Thursday 27/03/2014
Going to look for
new windows. Glad my mother
will join me. Feels safe.
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How are you in haiku

Friday 21/03/2014

Won our volley game.
Not yet champion (is doubtful -
not gonna make it

this year.) But no matter what
higher level next year!

Saturday 22/03/2014

Finally a good
jujitsu training again.
It felt wonderful!


Lying in boyfriend's
arms. Just enjoying being
near him. Sweet kisses.

Sunday 23/03/2014

I'm feeling really
miserable. Belly hurts.
Boyfriend's arms are safe.

Monday 24/03/2014

Hectic week. Don't know
how to plan everything
in. Days are too short.

Tuesday 25/03/2014

A year, my boyfriend
and I. Gosh, I love him so
very very much.

Feels great to be able to
wake up in his arms. Cuddles!

Lazy morning and
lovely breakfast. Taking our
time before we go

to town. Enjoying the sun,
visiting two musea.

A pancake and a
waffle inbetween. And yum
pizza for dinner.

Preformance of his brother.
Was funny and great to see.

We went to my place
afterwards. Day ends in each
other's arms. Cuddles!

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How are you in Haiku

Wednesday 5/3/14
Work is blocking sites
Dreamwidth being one of them
Think positive: write
Thursday 6/3/14
Warming my hands to
a cup of tea. A smile on
my face. A good day.
Waking up in the arms of
my lover. Best way to start.

Friday 7/3/14
A day with friends. Nice
dinner and gorgeous weather.
What more do you need?
Shaking my head, curse.
Forgot my camera at
home. Need it today... :-(

Sunday 9/3/14
Peaceful sleeping face
I can't stop looking at it
I love him so much
Monday 10/3/14
Friend coming over:
dinner and kenshin. Can't wait
to get home from work.

Tuesday 11/3/14
Lunch with best friend. Just
back from abroad. long time no
seen. Can't wait for noon.
Boyfriend comes to pick
me up after work. Dinner
with my grandparents.

Wednesday 12/03/2014
Long dark hair sprawled
over his cushion. Watching
him sleep next to me.
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How are you in Haiku - mid December

Went Christmas shopping.
Decorating Christmas tree,
wrapping up presents.

Finally getting into
the Christmas spirit. Music!

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How are you in Haiku? - 20/11/2013

A little sad and
a little happy. Trying
to focus. Writing...

How are you in Haiku? - 21/11/2013

The sad disappeared.
Happiness taking over
completely. Boyfriend

was the reason. Lots of hugs.
And waking up in his arms.

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Some haiku's written a while ago

How are you - in Haiku

First volley game of
the season this evening. 
I'm nervous like hell.

Wondering if my shoulder
will hold on 'till the last point.

* * * 

Sad, for no reason.
Need comfort but no one's there.
Chocolate might help...

* * * 

It's too hot in here
No concentration for work
Need some refreshment!

* * * 

Feeling silly and
happy. Just by seeing our
pictures on facebook.

Never knew I could
love him so much. He makes me
smile, makes me happy!

He comes to pick me
up at work. I already
know I will glomp him.

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The cold morning air
It makes me shiver slightly
Pull my coat closer
around me. Imagining
it are his arms holding me.


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